Bapa Agreement

A dispute with Kind Diamond over liability for BAPA`s costs. However, the treaty has remained silent on these costs and, as such, the Commission has no legal basis for Kind Diamond to pay them. This option was therefore rejected. Renew Kind Diamond`s contract so they can pay Network Rail for the necessary work. This option was rejected because it would be more expensive, it would charge an administrative fee for the Diamond child, and because it would be less effective. Approval of the signing of the Basic Asset Protection Agreement (BAPA) and increased order (PO) for direct payments up to $79,100 for BAPA to Network Rail at templeton Road Before construction can begin on site, the Commission is required to sign the BAPA and pay Network Rail Directly for BAPA and related work. The order (PO) needs to be increased, as BAPA costs have only been estimated by Network Rail and have now increased due to additional work related to monitoring the dam and bridge until the completion of construction.