Hubspot Partner Agreement

If you use the HubSpot Solutions directory (as defined in the Terms of Use of the HubSpot Directory), you agree to comply with the terms of use of the HubSpot directory available If you use the HubSpot community (as defined in the HubSpot community`s terms of use), you agree to abide by the HubSpot community`s terms of use. We will make the extra mile to make our partners look like heroes and always provide the additional support needed if necessary. In our 12-month service contracts, the first three months are becoming more expensive, as we spend most of our time during this first quarter developing the strategy, developing workshops with you and our oldest employees will be engaged from the beginning to make sure you are on the right track. At the end or expiry, you will immediately stop using our brand and remove all HubSpot badges and references to this program from your site (s) and other accompanying documents. The termination or expiry of this agreement does not result in the termination of your end-user subscription contract. If we request, you will facilitate our participation in calls with you and end-users. We may request participation in these calls to ensure the quality of your service and manage the program. In a qualified transaction that results, (i) the end user will end directly with us by supplying HubSpot products, or (ii) you order (s) and conclude with HubSpot in your own capacity for HubSpot products with us by indicating the terms of The HubSpot products ordered and providing end-user information as we wish. Option (ii) is not possible if the resulting transaction is Cross Sell, as you cannot purchase on behalf of an end user and support the end user`s contractual obligations for a Cross Sell transaction. In the case of (ii) in this case, and if the person concerned is considered registered, accepted and valid for the purposes of this section 3., you can sell HubSpot products to end-users at a price only determined by you and you will ensure that your agreement with the end user contains our client conditions or contains the provisions set out in our terms and conditions. If you purchase on behalf of an end user, you agree to be responsible for the order placed and to guarantee payment of all fees. In addition, such a subscription can only be used for the end user for whom it was originally purchased and cannot be reassigned to another end user or another end-user without our prior written consent.