Peace Agreement Countries

Journalist Kersten Knipp, of Deutsche Welle, said the Palestinians were looking for new allies after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain agreements with Israel, but that an alliance with Iran and Turkey could upset European Union member states. As such, they have kept an eye on Russia and Qatar to support their cause. Both countries have some contact with Israel. [166] Protests and demonstrations have taken place in many cities in Pakistan to condemn the agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. [83] Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, on the other hand, questioned the fact that the agreement would bring stability to the region and said that there would be no stability without a two-state solution and said that the United Arab Emirates had abandoned the Palestinians with the agreement. [122] The State Department then issued a statement on its part in which it stated that it was not critical of the peace agreement, but stressed that it was important for Arab states, especially the Gulf States, to support a Palestinian state in accordance with the two-state solution. [123] Each party recognizes the right of the vessels of the other contracting party to transit innocently in its territorial waters, in accordance with international law. Each contracting party grants normal access to its ports to the ships and cargoes of the other party, as well as to ships and cargo destined for or from the other party. This access is granted on the same conditions that generally apply to ships and cargoes from other countries. The contracting parties may enter into maritime agreements and arrangements. The statement added wafa: “The leaders have once again warned that no one in the region will achieve peace, security or stability without ending the occupation and without the Palestinian people achieving their full rights, as stipulated in the resolutions on international legitimacy.

The peace treaty was chosen in two versions, one in Egyptian hieroglyphics and the other in Akkadian with cuneiform writing; Both versions survive. Such bilingual registration is common to many subsequent contracts. However, the treaty is different from the others because the two language versions are written differently. Although most of the text is identical, the hittitic version claims that the Egyptians were prosecuted for peace, and the Egyptian version claims otherwise. The contract was given to the Egyptians in the form of a silver plate, and the “pocket book” version was brought back to Egypt and carved in the Temple of Karnak. But he says that other “very important” countries in the Middle East will first make peace with Israel.