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What was another answer, and if we kept the wording simple and both only have legal advice outside of it? I am particularly concerned about my property, so if we did not get legal representation, we would both be on an equal footing. Just keep it and get the notarial signed hay agreement. As far as my plan is to find a good cohab contract model online, then go to a public notary and have it witness/signed, is that enough? Lawyers are expensive. I`ve gone through Google and various conflicting opinions (most of which are very outdated) about cohabitation agreements, and how effective/ineffective they are, looking for some insights, advice and/or personal experiences. Hire lawyers and let it do it right, or don`t waste your time. I guess you don`t have enough money to worry about if a lawyer is too expensive and you`re looking for advice on reddit. In Ontario, the “marital home” cannot be subject to any marriage contract and is treated as a common property after one year of living together, even if it was first owned. A cohabitation agreement is a great thing to do in Alberta. Not only is ownership a concern, but the Adult Interdependent Partner Act could each of you be responsible for the care and support of the other for a very long time. These agreements are also important for resolving estate issues (especially if you both die in the event of an accident). Has anyone in Alberta reached an agreement on cohabitation? Own a house with my friend.

In the process of dissolution (no cohabitation agreement) and wants to buy it, but does not know what is right. He asks for his down payment, the cost of improving the house, plus 42,000 $US. You both need legal representation (but first, only one lawyer is needed to establish the agreement). Against my parents` advice, we have not signed a cohabitation contract, and I am a little perplexed as to how to do it. The separation will be consensual and it does not want to be paid on the “current price of the house”, but simply with what it is put in, but I am confused as to how this should be calculated. Before spending money on a cohabitation agreement (or even this relationship), did you discuss the issue with your partner? The first conversation is how you share expenses, assets, investments, your business and your financial accounts. At 21/19, if you are concerned about the financial impact of a separation, you should not have “common assets” I would be very skeptical about a filling boiler plate document for such a thing. There are several specific laws that you both have to reject to maintain the agreement. It would be difficult for a layman to assess that kind of thing. You might be able to take a boiler plate to your lawyers to check and possibly save some money that way. Most of the other posters have therefore dealt with the legal agreement/cohabitation summat, but have you, from a practical point of view, discussed the question of whether/how and when the rent will be paid/split? Food? Electricity bills? Insurance? Repairs? How are you going to follow that? It`s worth having a conversation about it in advance, so there are no surprises like: “What do you think you need money for the Internet bill? My SO and I have been using Splitwise (app/Web-service, free) for many years and this has made it very easy.