Student Computer Usage Agreement

ð I give permission for my student`s work to be published on a class site without giving their name. ð I allow my student to open a Google Account and I will help them do so. 7. Students cannot install software on district laptops or desktop computers. b. All PC devices/accessories must be clearly identified by the student`s name. These include the illustration and not the limitation of computers, power cable and backpack. 6. Students cannot expect privacy in district or staff technology resources, while settling on the district site or at a school-sponsored event on the district site. During the district site or at a school-sponsored event, students must use their personal technology resources in a safe, responsible and appropriate manner.

Ich_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ v. Personal technology resources are only available for use authorized by a district employee. any unauthorized use may discipline the student, including and to the point of exclusion. 2. All personal technology resources (including illustration and not mobile phones and computers) are disabled unless their use is authorized by a district employee. ð I allow my student to access websites chosen by my student`s teacher to facilitate my student`s training. 8.