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Published Page 2018

I’m Published

Each piece on this page has been published in a newspaper, on a website or broadcasted live on television during my undergraduate years at Georgia Southern University.


Began working for The George-Anne student newspaper as a features reporter in 2014. Covered concerts, life stories, photo stories and everything between from concept to publication.


A simple audio class highlighted how powerful sound and audio design can be in a project. This sparked interest in post-production.
Created in Adobe Audition. Photo edited in Photoshop.


Created news packages, short films, documentaries and animations with Canon T5i and Panasonic 90. Edited in Adobe Premier Pro.
Animation created with ToonBoom, original audio recorded in Audition.

Client Publications

Created PR publications for a real world client including a logo, business card and newsletter. Final presentation of the material was to be shown in a self designed website in Wix.

Multimedia Journalism

Wrote full length news and feature stories from concept to publication with the use of multiple media elements such as audio, video, photo and graphics. Stories were presented with a self designed website in Wix.

“Waka Flocka: The man behind the Flame”

Awarded second place for ‘Best Feature Story’ in the GCPA (Georgia College Press Association) ceremony in 2014.

“Far from Spineless”

Awarded ‘Best Presentation’ in Georgia Southern’s CURIO (Center for Undergraduate Research and Intellectual Opportunities) Symposium on April 19, 2016.

“Life on a new limb”

Awarded ‘Best Documentary’ at Georgia Southern Communication Arts Department’s Media Arts Showcase on May 5, 2016.